Better Cheaper Faster Earth Observation

by moving satellites closer to earth



  • Due to a lower-than-usual orbit, our satellites are cheaper to launch
  • The use of available off-the-shelf technology doesn’t require additional research
  • With being closer to the imagery target, cheaper optical components can achieve better results as the competition in higher altitudes 

Less pollution

  • After its lifetime, Captis satellites will disintegrate in the earth’s atmosphere
  • Entering a lower orbit means less fuel is used during the launch

Why Captis?


  • Flying in a lower orbit allows Captis a faster revisit time
  • Lower latency due to a lower orbit
  • Inter-satellite communication allows the transmission of data from satellites out of a groundstation’s range 


  • Automated onboard processing enables data to be processed during flight
  • Pre-selection of captured data allows only required data to be transmitted
  • Due to a shorter lifespan, Captis satellites are using up-to-date components